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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  May 17, 2015 9:54pm-10:01pm EDT

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fact fit the crime. i was a bit surprised at his rather sudden character reformation, but there is no question about it. he is now a changed man. children playing in open spaces. this to me is a fitting symbol of our work. in alleys like this, now they had something better. in fact, throughout the neighborhood, things have taken on a new look. in place of this, this. blighted backyards had become flower gardens. rat infested alleys, before and after.
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cluttered backyards before, and after. a neighborhood like this can become this. this is the baltimore plan. it cannot work miracles, there are slum areas beyond recovery. but for those areas worth rehabilitating, the baltimore plan can work. together, with the program of redevelopment and new housing both public and private, it can remake a city. ♪ >> you are watching american history tv all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook at c-span
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history. each week, american history tv's "reel america" brings you archival films that help to tell the history of the 20th century. >> throughout the world, throngs of people hailed the end of the war in new york. it is five years since hitler marched into poland. years. her in, death, and sacrifice. now the world against -- now the war against germany is one bank -- is won. hundreds of thousands brought into american churches to give thanks to god. president truman announced the official surrender. >> this is a solemn but glorious
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hour. i wish that franklin d roosevelt had lived to see this day. general eisenhower informs me that the forces of germany have surrendered to the united nations. the flags of freedom fly all over europe for this victory. we join in offering our thanks to the providence has guided us and sustained us through the dark days through adversity and into light. much remains to be done. the victory one in the west must now be one in the east. the whole world must be cleansed of the evil from which half the world has been freed. united, the peaceloving nation as demonstrated in the west that
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their arms are stronger by far than the might of dictators or the tyranny of military clicks that once called us soft and weak. the power of our peoples to defend themselves against all enemies will be proved in the pacific war as it was proved in europe. >> historic pictures of the last days of the war in europe show american and russian troops as they joined on the river elbe splitting the germans into. -- the germans in two. the germans unconditionally give up all of italy and southern austria. in civilian clothes representatives of the german army signed a surrender
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document. the representative of supreme mediterranean commander alexander signs for the allies. the surrender a eliminated one million german troops. inside germany itself, the allies see the famous stadium of november, the scene of countless not the rallies. with the capture of this southern german city, the american flag blocks out the swastika. in a symbolic gesture, american troops destroy the nazi party emblem. >> monday night, members of
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congress on n.s.a. collection of phone records, privacy, and net neutrality. >> section 215 authorizes the bulk collection or ostensibly authorizes because last week we found out the second district federal court agrees with us that the patriot act never authorized these programs, that these programs are illegal. but the n.s.a. would tell you these programs were authorized by section 215. the fisa court proceeded to write a warrant that covered every american citizen. i think our founding fathers would be appalled. >> i think our policy is far from up-to-date. we have policy woefully out of date. we have copyright policy from 1976. a lot has changed since


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